The aim of this seminar series is to showcase research in Mathematical and Computational Ophthalmology to the broader ophthalmological, vision science, medical, mathematical and computational communities, raising awareness of the exciting research being conducted in the field and encouraging future work in this area.

The seminar series, hosted by Dr Paul A Roberts, Prof Philip J Luthert and Prof David P Crabb, commenced with an inaugural talk from Professor Emeritus Robert Linsenmeier on 7 February 2023 here. For a list of upcoming talks, together with links (once available), see below.

Mathematical Ophthalmology (a term coined by Dr Paul A Roberts) concerns the use of mechanistic mathematical models to derive insight into the mechanisms underpinning the structure and function of the eye in health, development and disease and to predict the effects of existing and putative treatments. Computational Ophthalmology (an existing term) involves the application of advanced computational techniques, including artificial intelligence, to the big data being generated in ophthalmology, to identify pathology and predict disease progression. In both cases the ultimate aim is to derive genuine translational impact in healthcare, accelerating progress towards more effective treatments, personalised treatment strategies and clinical decision support systems.

Upcoming Talks

See our World Wide page for a full list of past and future talks.

Past Talks

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