As a mathematical biologist, I use mathematical models to explain and predict the behaviour of biological and physiological systems. I develop both continuous deterministic (ordinary and partial differential equation) and discrete stochastic models, using a combination of analytical and numerical techniques in their solution and analysis. In addition to performing my own experiments, my work is conducted in close collaboration with experimental biologists, biomedical scientists and clinicians.

My research focuses upon three areas:

  1. Mathematical Ophthalmology: tissue-level mathematical models of the human retina in the healthy and the diseased eye;
  2. Visual Neuroscience: electrophysiological measurements and computational analysis of zebrafish retinal function;
  3. Mathematical Microbiology: colony-level mathematical models of within-host bacterial infections.

For more information on my research in any of these areas, please click on the relevant images below.

Mathematical Ophthalmology

Visual Neuroscience

Mathematical Microbiology

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